Caption This: “Days are shorter, nights are colder” -Nas


“The don, all the time, with all the shine / You small time, I ball with mine / Links, minks, Bentley, it’s all with mine / My jams bump out to the borderline” – Nas

Caught this pic of Nas from the Heineken Red Star Soul Event. Don’t get me wrong, I dig Nas but this pic is funny. I guess it’s like @ocsupreme said, maybe Nas should have protected his oochie wallet and perhaps he wouldn’t be wearing this outfit (or maybe he would). He really does think he’s killing it, huh? Nas is standing there like, “I know I can … wear what I wanna be” (and according to many captions, that’s a lumberjack w/the hat to match).

I sent this pic out on twitter for a caption … check what my followers came up with …

@PatPreezy: Sorry y’all caught me like this … I just got off of my part time job of being a Lumberjack

@wiildchyld: Thanx to Kelis robbing me of all my loot I now shop @ Tar-jay **hums** you can hate me nowwwww

@officialmsmogul: What else you wanted me to wear?? I don’t have any damn money!!

@JacobM23: Kelis may have taken all my money, but at least she didnt take my red vest!

@blakeaulermurph: A Nas Rap Never Boring/ Reinventing shit like the Black Al Borland

@kiahboo16: Remember back when I had the red & black lumberjack w/the hat 2 match…

@naturallyalise: Biggie tribute gone too far

@konataj: And you thought the suit I rocked in my Street Dreams video was stylin on em!

@vonbadass: I know I can….be what I wanna be…and that’s FAAAABULOUS *snaps*

@vonbadass: It Ain’t Hard to Tell (I Got A Secret Lifestyle)

@vonbadass: Nasty Nas to Esco to Escobar now he’s just a HOT MESS

@vonbadass: “My son has the same vest. Same size and everything.”

@vonbadass: See the toothpick? I chopped that shit MYSELF! Half man, half amazing!

@Ms_Nicholson: bitch took all my money and this is what she left me with :-/…now I’m a lumberjack

@MissKeepit100: From the 50 is the new 20 line it’s Nas.

@ItsJayRabBaby: Is he a hip-hop lumberjack? looks like he’s been eating all the pancakes and syrup too.

@stanthrax: “take a pic quick!.. Kelis gets this fit the other half of the week”

@mallzInYaMouth: “YEAH BUDDY!! Imma kill ‘em this elk hunting season!!!”

@CosbyShowKenny: My brother says all he needs is one hike.

@Thatzhowufeel: “Back in the day when I had the red and black lumberjack wit the hat 2 match” but ill never listen to B.I.Gs me and my bitch again.

@reeema: The way he posing, this nigga mite as well have on a bustier and some pumps!

@TraceyWithLove: “Damn, it ain’t Halloween yet?”

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One Response to Caption This: “Days are shorter, nights are colder” -Nas

  1. @TheMicSmith says:

    “Wayyyy back when I had the red & black lumberjack w/ the hat to match” – B.I.G.

    I have no negative comment for Nas, that is all. That’s like an ode to Biggie to me.

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